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For best results, please make sure to follow these guidelines prior to sending any files to us.

· If you have more than one file, please compress your files into one archive. Here are some titles and links for compression/Archival software: WinZip, Rar or Stuffit    
· Include all files that are linked with your document or publication. Linked files include fonts, photos and/or clipart.    
· If possible, create a PDF of your document so that we'll have an exact representation of your work.    
You may send up to three files at a time ( Click on the 'Browse' button(s) below to add files from your computer. Click submit when your ready to send.

PLEASE NOTE: when sending file to The Printing Spot, (Depending on SIZE of file.) It may take several MINUTES to upload. Warning: the file name entry box does not display properly when using Chrome 3.5.

ALSO NOTE: very large files my result in an HTTP 500 error. We are researching the issue. Please let us know about the upload. It has generally been successful.




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